The Weight Coalition’s Actions

The following environmental measures are put forward by the Weight Coalition and endorsed by its partners:

Agri-Food Industry Sector

  • The elimination of junk food and soft drinks in schools and hospitals
  • A strict adherence to the food policy in elementary and high schools
  • A responsible food display policy in supermarkets
  • Cooking classes in schools to promote the development of culinary skills and the pleasure of eating well
  • Moderate-size servings in restaurants
  • A tax dedicated to funding preventive measures for weight-related issues

Built Environment Sector

  • A safe environment surrounding every school to allow children to walk or cycle to school
  • A policy for active schools
  • Agreements between municipalities and schools in order to increase the use of sports facilities after school hours
  • An increase in the number of parks, green spaces, cycling and pedestrian paths
  • Limiting the use of automobiles in certain zones
  • Improving the quality and accessibility of public transportation services

Sociocultural Sector

  • Regulation of weight-loss products, services, and methods
  • Strict application of the regulations governing advertising directed at children
  • Legislative measures and regulations to restrict the encroachment of advertising within public spaces
  • The establishment of an independent organization to regulate the advertising industry
  • The implementation of a policy for work-family life balance to enable families to prioritize their health and well-being

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